Documents Required
1. Registration Form-G
2. Registration Guidelines & Instructions
3. Registration Annexure-A (Form of Undertaking)
4. Registration Annexure-B (Self Declaration)
5. Registration Annexure-C (Affidavit)
6. Registration Annexure-E (N.R.I)
7. Renewal Renewal Application Form
8. Re-entry Form-L
9. Re-entry List of Documents Required
10. Additonal Qualification Form-G
11. Addtional Qualification Application Form
12. Transfer to Gujarat Form-G
13. Transfer to Gujarat Guidelines & Instructions
14. Transfer to Gujarat Annexure-B (Self Declaration)
15. Transfer to Gujarat Annexure-C (Affidavit)
16. Transfer to Gujarat Annexure-D (Affidavit)
17. Transfer to Gujarat Terms & Conditions
18. Goodstanding Certificate Application Form
19. Goodstanding Certificate Application of Authorised Person
20. Change in Registered Name Application
21. Change in Registered Name Form
22. Duplicate Certificate Application
23. Duplicate Certificate Affidavit
24. Duplicate Renewal Receipt Affidavit
25. Affidavit For Degree Addition Affidavit For Degree Addition
26. Pharmacist's Detail Pharmacist's Detail
27. Pharm D Application form Pharm D Application form
28. Forwarding letter Forwarding letter